Hanging Ambiance

Full of guilt, I went thrifting again, looking for the quilt that was no longer there, but still ended up with a whole cart full of stuff. One lady looked at my cart and said, "boy, did you score!" Yes I did, but little does she know that I always do and it is a sickness... Anyways, I couldn't pass up this little rooster chandelier that was only $5! Not the biggest fan of the rooster, but I think with some white paint and some bling, she will fit just nicely in the dinning room. Luckily I ran into Jacque again, and she gave me some tips on lighting. One of the plastic pieces that the light bulb screws into was broken (hence the $5), but she assured me it was totally replaceable and easy to fix. sigh...I love my bloggy friends...if only I could carry you all with me everywhere I go! I also found these lamp shades, exactly the amount I needed. I have been collecting lanterns for the backyard, and with a little paint, they are turning out fantastic!
I picked this up at a yard sale, with the Target tag still on! I am going to paint it white and hang it over the kitchen sink to hold fun kitchen tools. Plus it will display tea lights for some fun hanging ambiance.

I am slowly working in more lighting to create a warm and welcoming mood. My projects will be on hold though as I am heading to Hawaii on Tuesday (I know, I am a lucky duck!). I have project jitters right now as I type away. I am going to try to get a few things done tonight but I probably will not be able to post about them until I get back from vacation. I will schedule a few posts for next week so that you won't miss me too much! ;)

I also wanted to share that my darling friend Whitney, over at the King and I, wrote a sweet little post about little ol' me...gotta love her.

Aloha bloggy friends! A Hawaiian tan is calling my name!

What kind of hanging ambiance do you use in your home?