Gary's pictures 146My dear bloggy friends (and those friends and family stopping by!) I am back from my trip to Disneyland and am excited to announce that I am now an engaged woman (insert giddy screams and jumping up and down)!!!Gary's pictures 160 It all started with this little giveaway at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants…Brent planted a fake giveaway to Disneyland knowing I would want to enter (because you all know how much I love to brag about winning things and finding things for free!).  The next day I got a phone call saying that I had won the trip.  I was so excited and, of course, bragged to everyone how I had won a free trip…  We booked a flight, planned our trip, and a few weeks later headed to Orange County to stay with some of Brent’s family.  Dotties's pictures 014When we arrived his family had “other plans” and so we were on our own for dinner.  We picked up a quick bite to eat and then headed to a park at the beach to walk around.  The park was a beautiful place overlooking the beach with a historical lighthouse (that beautiful little building in the background of the pictures).   Dotties's pictures 015As we were walking around we came up to a little picnic bench all set up for a romantic picnic with a couple sitting there.  They were very friendly and so we stopped to talk to them for a little bit.  They told us they were celebrating their wedding anniversary and even had wedding photos to share with us.  After chatting for a few minutes, they told us they needed to go out to the car to get something and asked us to watch their stuff for them.  Dotties's pictures 049After they walked away Brent brought me around the table and pulled a letter out of the bouquet of roses.  It was a beautiful letter from him professing his love for me (for the first time!)…he then sat me down on a chair covered with rose petals where he played me a song he wrote for me on his guitar.  We both got choked up, tears streamed, and then he got on one knee and asked me if I would be his wife!  And of course, I said yes!!! Gary's pictures 130Brent’s family came out of hiding, along with our mystery couple, and one of my best friends, who were all in on the surprise.  We toasted, took pictures, and celebrated this wonderful, memorable, and life changing moment…  Gary's pictures 136 Gary's pictures 139Gary's pictures 134

I have to admit that even after the proposal, I still thought I had won the trip to Disneyland!  I was then informed it was all part of Brent’s doing.  I got to hear all the elaborate details that went into the planning of the engagement…and the excitement was not over yet.  The next day we headed to the happiest place on earth…with the happiest girl on earth!  CIMG0928The bride and groom to be with their Mickey and Minnie hats! CIMG0852They gave us these fun engagement buttons so everyone would know we were just engaged.  All day people were congratulating us making the day even more magical!CIMG0905 CIMG0862CIMG0907 CIMG0903All day I could not stop grinning from ear to ear and loved running around the park holding the hand of my fiancĂ©!CIMG0912Our last day down south ended with a trip to In-n-Out, Barnes and Noble to get some of the wedding planning essentials, and Huntington Beach… CIMG0969Showing off the bling! CIMG0970 CIMG0981 Reading up…haha!CIMG0985The end to a perfect trip…the beach…CIMG0987 CIMG0988CIMG1024 CIMG0992

We hopped on the plane and headed home from a wonderful trip…only to find out the fun was not quite over yet!  A surprise engagement party was waiting at Brent’s house for me (and now my home as well!).  All of my dearest family and friends were there to celebrate this special day and I continued to float on a cloud the rest of the night… 5288_1194051607962_1128592652_30618007_8371408_n5288_1194051647963_1128592652_30618008_1624561_n5288_1194051567961_1128592652_30618006_7494495_nCIMG1037 CIMG1034

It was an amazing weekend filled with excitement and celebration.  But above all else it was a weekend of joy as I got to see the man I love fall in love with me right before my eyes.Dotties's pictures 018