Old Town Auburn

CIMG1647 One of my favorite things to do is visit small town type places, strolling the shops, eating delicious treats, and enjoying a slower paced life.  For my birthday Brent took me to Old Town Auburn.CIMG1584I love the darling cottage style homes and businesses.CIMG1648How cute is this pink and white place…reminds me of Candy Land!CIMG1649CIMG1612 CIMG1614CIMG1619CIMG1585 Now, please know, if I was not planning a wedding, I would be spending ALL of my money on the following…eat your heart out…yes, fall is right around the corner…CIMG1588 CIMG1589 CIMG1590 CIMG1592 CIMG1593 CIMG1594 CIMG1595 CIMG1596CIMG1597Love how this shelf is made from ladders!CIMG1598 CIMG1599CIMG1601 CIMG1602 CIMG1603Don’t worry, I did get to take home one item…these little pumpkin head friends!  So cute!  I just want to eat them up!CIMG1605 CIMG1606 CIMG1607 CIMG1608Well, I ain’t no redneck, but this sure seemed to hit home…!  CIMG1617And all that strolling works up a little appetite…  CIMG1624 CIMG1625Sitting out on the porch eating lunch…CIMG1629 CIMG1633CIMG1635And some more eye candy for ya…CIMG1637 CIMG1638 CIMG1639 CIMG1640We are pretty blessed to do a lot of fun things together…but since money is tight as we plan a wedding and adjust to married life, little trips like this are so fun and within budget… CIMG1643What type of budget friendly activities do you like to do with your loved ones?


  1. What a fun outing! Cute pictures!

    I have your polkadot pumpkins posted today. We will be making them sometime this week!

  2. I love this little town. Looks like something out of Disney. Christopher and I enjoy going to Movies in the Park here is our small town. I enjoy music on the square the first Friday of the month. All of these are free. We have lots of small little country towns here in Mid TN and I love exploring them all.

  3. Fun day!!! :) I LOVE the pumpkin in that first shot. :) You are such a cute couple...my husband and I don't get to take many little trips like that. He works a LOT and it's hard to get someone to keep the girls for too long. He's not a "sight-seeing" kind of guy, unfortunately. :s

    I'm putting my Decorating Dilemmas party up tonight after 10 (ET). If you have any Dilemmas (wedding, crafty stuff, anything) or solutions to share, I hope you'll link up. :)

  4. Look at all the fun Halloween decor... I put out some acorns, pumpkins, and squirrels... a little pre fall decor...

  5. Great pics, as always! Looks like fun. I also love checking out little towns like that! :)


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