Pre-Move In Home Tour

CIMG1361Over the past year, since Brent bought his first home, he has so graciously let me decorate and furnish it.  Many of the projects I have shared over the past year were for his home.  As I prepare to move in after the wedding, I am excited yet sad to see our home go through a new transformation.CIMG1362I am very proud that were able to completely furnish his home…on a budget…and I love every piece of it.  But the reality of it is that I am moving in and I have a lot of stuff…I mean have you seen just my craft roomCIMG1363 So before I move in I thought I would take you on a little home tour with me to see the whole house as a “before” and over the next year I will be sharing with you new things I do to make our house a home…with all my stuff…CIMG1364 CIMG1365 CIMG1366 Layers of sheer and white curtains give privacy and an airy feel…we are talking about snatching up every clearance curtain I could find and throwing it together to make something work!CIMG1371 CIMG1372 The plates above the closet are relatively new, and I love how it immediately made your eye look up making the small master bedroom just a little bit bigger. CIMG1373 CIMG1375 Boring tiny master bath…the curtains are staple gunned up!CIMG1377 CIMG1378Lots of thrift store finds painted white.  CIMG1379 Guest bedroom that is soon to double as a crafting space. CIMG1380 CIMG1381 CIMG1383 CIMG1384 The only room Brent “decorated”!  Office/music room.CIMG1385 CIMG1388 CIMG1389 CIMG1391 CIMG1392 CIMG1393 CIMG1395 I will eventually paint over the spackling!  I am thinking a shabby light blue…CIMG1396 CIMG1397 CIMG1399 CIMG1400 Lots of seating as we love to entertain.CIMG1401 CIMG1402 CIMG1403 CIMG1404Neither of us are real drinkers so we have lots of sparkling lemonade and juices on hand…CIMG1405 CIMG1406 CIMG1407 CIMG1408 CIMG1409 CIMG1410 CIMG1411 CIMG1412 CIMG1413 CIMG1414 CIMG1415 CIMG1416 CIMG1417 CIMG1418 CIMG1419 CIMG1420 CIMG1422 Have not decided, but am leaning towards a white door…CIMG1469 CIMG1424 CIMG1425 Brent’s guitars showcased and in arm’s reach to encourage lots of playing.CIMG1426 CIMG1427 CIMG1428 CIMG1429 CIMG1431 CIMG1432 CIMG1433 The “garage” for now…We like bikes, can you tell?CIMG1435 CIMG1437 CIMG1438 CIMG1439 CIMG1440 CIMG1442 CIMG1443 CIMG1444 CIMG1445 CIMG1446 CIMG1447 CIMG1448 CIMG1449 CIMG1450 CIMG1451 CIMG1452 CIMG1453 CIMG1454 CIMG1456 CIMG1457 CIMG1458 CIMG1460 CIMG1461 CIMG1462 CIMG1464 CIMG1465 CIMG1466 CIMG1467 Well…there it is…the pre-move in home tour!  A little exciting and a little overwhelming…moving in and redecorating right before the holidays!  But I am excited to nest and cannot wait to take you along this new little journey!

How do you deal with moving?