Christmas Fluffing Part 2: Colorful Whimsy

CIMG9375Part 2 of Christmas fluffing is here!  Part 1 was all about white and part 2 is all about color!  It is like my double identity…clean, white and glam versus color, whimsy, and candyland!  So here it is…I went a little wild with the ribbon this year!CIMG9383 CIMG9385 CIMG9386CIMG9460CIMG9459What?  You don’t have Ricola in your candy dish?  And yes, this is our leftover Halloween candy…still.  And double yes, I reuse candy canes each year for decoration.  Who doesn’t?CIMG9358The hutch could use a little TLC.  Still got those Spring dishes out.  Haven’t dug a hole in the house yet to store them. CIMG9360CIMG9364 CIMG9371Those coveted Dollar Tree felt trees from last year.  Yeah, you remember them.  We went wild for them all.    CIMG9395 CIMG9401 CIMG9402 CIMG9407CIMG9404CIMG9411 CIMG9416 CIMG9419 CIMG9423 CIMG9424 CIMG9425 CIMG9429 CIMG9434I am ready to go lie down now.  All decorated out. 

And so you know I am following all my frugal rules…I have bought NOTHING.  All this stuff I had from last year used in new and fun ways.  And let me tell you, those after the holiday sales are so worth it!  It is so exciting to open up those dusty storage boxes to find new little treats you have not used yet. 

What is your Christmas decorating style?


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