Being Known

_JLD1141 In today’s society we are often known for what we do…our work.  As a people pleaser and perfectionist I always liked being known for my creativity and for my ability to work with children.  I craved the attention, flattery, and respect of being good at something.  I sought out other people’s affirmation to feel known.

Up until I got married, I used these skills and talents to make a living for myself.  I did things like open up an Etsy shop and work with children.  I had a heart for the home years ago and was doing these things to get by until I could one day stay at home as a wife.

Now that I am married and this dream of being at home has been finally given to me, I have still felt unsure.  Unsure that I was not being known.  I have these gifts that need to be used elsewhere.  Somewhere where people will see me, know me, and affirm me. 

Thoughts and pressures would fill my mind of things I could do…things I am good at.  But every time I would stop to really consider it, I would become overwhelmed.  I felt like I was not being true to my calling at home.  I felt conflicted yet I felt unknown.

I cried, I prayed, I stressed.  I needed to find where I could be known.

It was then that I realized that I did not need to be known by the world.  But instead to embrace that I am known by my Heavenly Father and that I am known by my husband.  And suddenly I realized I did not need to be known for anything else.