Love Notes

CIMG9847I like writing notes on the chalkboards around the house seasonally.  It is fun to have words and phrases to match with the holiday decor.  For Valentine’s Day I tried to add a little more depth to kisses and cupid…though both are very delightful.  So instead I found some love notes that I thought would be inspiring and Valentine-ish.  CIMG9853I hope that through something as simple as sayings on a chalkboard my home would be uplifting and a reminder of things that are good in life.  Especially when I have kids, I want things for them to read around our house that will remind them of special promises and teach them important values.  CIMG9851Plus it is always a good reminder for myself to have my heart in the right place.CIMG9852I encourage you to write your family some love notes today…what do yours say?