Shout Outs

Let me just say one of my favorite things about blogging is the friendship and generosity of others.  I try to have a giveaway here and there to acknowledge and thank my faithful followers but they are not nearly as great as what some of you out there are doing.  So today’s post is about how amazed I am at how kind so many of you have been to ME.  So thank you.  These are a bit late, but thanks are still in order…CIMG0084Candice of She’s Crafty sent me these darling little flower pins as I am absolutely obsessed with all things fabric and floral.  I wear them on my hat and everyone asks if I made them…embarrassed that I am not the crafter behind it all, thankfully it was a crafty friend of mine and not Target (no offense to Target of course).  Here are some of her recent projects.  Absolutely darling. 077 007 008 And then I am almost embarrassed to dare mention this so late.  But I have a guilty blogging conscience whenever I look at the beautiful things in my home.  So back in June or July (yes, RIGHT when I got engaged…excuses, excuses), I won a giveaway hosted by Tales from an OC Cottage.  And let me just tell you that this giveaway was over the top.  T-O-P.  So much glittery goodness in a giant box…all personally embellished with A’s for Ashley and Domestic Fashionista written all over everything.  CIMG0081 CIMG0070 CIMG0071 CIMG0074 CIMG0075 CIMG0080If you love shabby chic, you will love her.  Here are some recent to die for Valentine’s Day projects of hers.  Worthy to drop all housework, children, and husband responsibilities to make these gorgeous things…DSC_0049 DSC_0020 DSC_0033Amazing huh?  And here I was not blogging all about it.  Go visit these ladies and tell them how much I love them!