Cardstock Stencils

CIMG0476I have been wanting a butterfly punch for awhile but the ones I have seen are too small.  My MIL has a die cut of larger sizes I like but that would require buying the entire die cut machine.  So since I cannot rationalize spending all that money for one little butterfly, she punched some for me and I traced them into cardstock stencils. CIMG0472Silly you think?  Well, I actually do it quite a bit…that big triangle?  Often my banner template.  Takes a little time but for how little I use some of these shapes, way more economical and helpful when making 2, 3, 10 cutouts.  And if I am making a cutout by hand, it is great to have a stencil for later. CIMG0485 So that I can do little projects like this…  CIMG0477How do you cut out paper shapes?