My Giant Filled Living Room Wall

CIMG0426 The wall in our living room is the biggest wall in the house.  I have big dreams of a floor to ceiling bookcase surrounding our gigantic I-love-my-husband-TV.  But we have some other things we need to take care of before tackling that project.  So until then, I keep on filling it up with more frames, plates, numbers, etc. CIMG0305{How did I hang that butterfly plate you ask?  I saw on The Nester’s Tumblr that you can hot glue a paper clip to the back of your plate!  Brilliant!  The husband is not convinced it is the safest but when I am home alone with out a plate holder, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!} CIMG0306I dug through my hutch for unused white plates…CIMG0419 Printed out paper letters to tape on plates…CIMG0307CIMG0309 More frames to spray paint…CIMG0418Thrift store house numbers to hang…CIMG0421 It is a bit crazy, I will confess, but I like it.  And yes, that is my bike.  Don’t worry, I don’t ride it around the house.  We got one of those back wheel exercise thingy-ma-bobbers so I can exercise on it in the house.  It is a permanent member to our living room because me burning calories is just as important as the decor… CIMG0423What do you have filling up your walls?