Creating a Bedroom About Us

CIMG0273I don’t know about you, but our bedroom seems to be on the bottom of the priority list when it comes to decorating.  This is obvious as guests do not visit it very often (hopefully!).  So in my chaotic framing of photos, I spent some time adding to our room. CIMG0274 I wanted a room that was about usCIMG0275{I hide our clock behind the frame…}  CIMG0276CIMG0279CIMG0281Though small our tiny little bathroom deserves some TLC just like every other room in the house…CIMG0284Clear of clutter and filled with things that remind me of “us” our bedroom is now the refuge it was intended to be.

Do you make your bedroom decor a priority?  What more could you do to make it the place it deserves to be?