Saint Patrick’s Day Gift Tags

CIMG0428I threw together a small Saint Patty’s day gift and needed a festive gift tag.  I used my favorite frugal items to wrap it all up:

  1. Brown Paper Bag (lunch size)
  2. Tulle
  3. Sheet Music
  4. Glitter Glue

CIMG0432Easy peasy…super cute without dropping a dime. 


Before I was married I would always steal wrapping paper from my mom so it has been fun to try and see how long I will last without buying it.  Between my paper bags and clearance roll of wallpaper…I am sure to make it at least a year!

How do you wrap gifts?  Are you all about the wrapping paper or do you prefer gift bags and tissue paper?


  1. i wrap in tulle...alot. not so much boys, but any female is getting tulle wrapped around their gift. sometimes with tons of flowy ribbons, sometimes with a toy tied to the top, sometimes with big old fake flowers around the tie. huge hit! and it is recycable!

  2. I am a wrapping paper snob. I love cube wrapping paper and spend too much on it. This I am trying to make it more original.

  3. I like bags and actually, like you, I think the simple brown bag is cute with a really special tag. I use lots of my paper punches to make cute tags for gifts. Love the tulle too. Great time to use coupons at Michaels/AC Moore. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. This is the cutest idea. Not that I'm shocked it came to you. The music sheet is a nice touch that I think I'm going to use myself here soon. I have a girlfriend who's talented musically and it's her birthday coming up, a tag with music on it would be too cute to make for her.

    Oh, and regarding your spam we were talking about through could put on word verification on to limit that.

    So glad I can comment again! Thanks Ashley!

  5. i am a snob...i love attention and detail !
    Hope all is well.

  6. I had so much fun wrapping hostess gifts for my shower today with what I already had. The gift is two little cupcakes which I put on clear plastic plates (leftover from our wedding) that were sitting on top of clear cellophane (I did buy that for $1 a roll at big lots). In between the cellophane and the plates was pink tissue paper (recycled from previously received gifts) and silver shreds originally purchased at Dollar Tree somewhere along the way. I tied it all up with bits of vintage pink lace and pink ribbons picked up at estate sales for cheap or recycled from a birthday invitation I received, etc. So fun to use what you have and make it super cute! yours looks great! kelly

  7. That is sooo cute! I use more bags and tissue paper, but it all comes from the dollar store!


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