Saint Patrick’s Day Decor

CIMG0316I put out my Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter decor out at the end of February…out goes the pink and red, and in comes the pastels.  CIMG0318Green is a little hard to do with my decor so I stick to a pastely hue compared to the bold green often seen in stores.  I find the decorations mesh well when they can complement the rest of the house.  CIMG0288I prefer decorating with serving pieces as they are functional and mix in easily in the hutch, the kitchen, holding stuff…preferably candy…CIMG0317


And a little sneak peek into the chaos that happens on my dinning room table every few months…

I spy with my little eye a feathered tree…

Can you find the chocolate bunny???

{I will be unveiling my Spring decor soon!}CIMG0258 How do you decorate for the holidays?  Are you matchy matchy with the house or do you like them to be bold and stand out?


  1. I have been so slacking this year.. not feeling well and the weather being so unpredictable has thrown me off.. I love pastel colors.. I love your Easter decor so much... can't wait to see the finished results!

  2. I love to see your decorations :)
    I spied the chocolate bunny - I've got his twin :)

  3. I like to stand out but still have it mesh a little. Love that wreath!

  4. I saw an idea last year that was cute. Streamers all the colors of the rainbows, and hanging them from a door way. My boys loved it! Not sure that will fly this year w/the puppy. He jumps pretty high!

  5. as far as st. patty's goes, even though i'm half irish as far as i take it is a cute erin-and-shamrock welcome sign on the door. i should do more. love your wreath, super cute!


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