How One Thrift Store Mirror Changed My Whole Bathroom :: Bathroom Update

CIMG0732See that little mirror?  It used to be gold.  I got it at a thrift store.  Painted it.  And then suddenly I needed to update everything else.  Well…almost.  CIMG0735Some things stayed the same…but somehow they stood out so much better as the new-old mirror pulled everything together in a way that a plain ol’ rectangular cut piece of mirror could not.  Even if I had a frame hanging over it…CIMG0736 I got rid of some candles that I never lit out of fear of burning toilet goers…and replaced them with a little basket of bathroom essentials. CIMG0737 CIMG0739 A darling shell chandelier I picked up on our honeymoon in Cancun.CIMG0740 And I splurged on the $30 white waffle shower curtain from Target.  I promise I tried finding one at Ross but they did not have the same heaviness or texture that I love about this one.  CIMG0742 I still want to paint the walls…paint the cabinets (pretty sure the only remaining unpainted wood in the house besides the front door which is also on the to-do list)…and one day get some new light fixtures.  But until then, my mirror did wonders and got me to just go out and buy the shower curtain I have been drooling over for months.  Because I am one of those people who finally talks herself into buying something she really wants and is willing to pay the money for it, only to find out they no longer have it anymore.  Oh, the life of a tightwad…CIMG0744What would you like to do to update your bathroom?