April 19, 2010

Thumb Tacks, Curtains, and a $10 Chandelier :: Our Updated Bedroom

CIMG0750Boxes are unpacked, pots and pans put away, and six months into marriage, our home is settled.  It feels good to be able to just live and be content that the house is all put together.  But it also feels good to be able to dream bigger dreams and use our home’s full potential now that things are a bit settled in our newlywed nest.  I love our home.  I love our decor.  But I have big ideas for what my dream home looks like and I am slowly bringing that dream to life…and of course, on a small budget.   CIMG0746First stop, our bedroom.  I picked up a $10 chandelier at a thrift store and collected together the curtains we used on our wedding dance floor (which were purchased at Ikea).    CIMG0763I also finally found some matching curtains on clearance.   CIMG0748I used thumb tacks to pin up the curtains.  I saw a blogger do this via Nester’s Tumblr (really, you should try tumblr….it is a wonderful thing.  find mine here).  Easy peasy instant romantic cabana sheerness.   CIMG0764The chandelier was spray painted…(by my husband one day while I was at the gym.  I am a lucky girl!) CIMG0765And I picked up some jewels to bling it out…they were found at Home Depot in the lighting section (I scoured Michael’s and JoAnn’s for weeks with no luck).  And I didn’t bother with shades on the lights…feels more glamorous without.  CIMG0747See that little blue plate?  Dollar spot at Target.  And I have always dreamed of a little bench in front of the bed.  Found a small enough one to fit into our little room on the side of the road.  Will be painting it soon.  CIMG0767It is pretty much perfect…except for the fact I am itching to get the walls painted in the house…just haven’t gotten up the guts or energy to do so.  One of these days though… CIMG0768But I really do love our room.  The simplicity of this update gave in return some major upgrade points.  :)

What are your big dreams for your home?


  1. Love the blue plate, it would look perfect in my new living room/ kitchen. Now I'll just be happy if I can get my dinning room done by the begining of May... OK, mid May!?!

  2. I love it Ashley, it looks so cozy and romantic.
    Dreams of our home?
    First one would be to GET a home :)
    But now that we are settled in our little apartment I want to change our colors for the summer. Right now is blue and brown...I want to change it to white/creams...with a hint of blue.

  3. Ashley, this is beautiful! It looks very restful and romantic. :) What a great hubby you have, spraypainting that chandelier for you!

  4. It's lovely, Ashley!! :) Your hubby sounds like such a sweetie. :)

  5. What a pair you two make - lovely lovely room.

  6. Your bedroom is beautiful and looks so inviting and cozy. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Everything looks so lovely. I love the curtains especially. It makes it so romantic.

  8. Sooo pretty! Love the chandelier with the curtains. :)


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