Patriotic Outdoor Decorations

CIMG8775I pulled out my 4th of July decorations this week.  I decided this year that I was only going to decorate outside.  Something about having a clean and simple home for the summer was too appealing to crowd it with too much red, white, and blue.   I even opted out of hanging the little America banner I made last year.  CIMG8780Though simple, these little pops of color give off a fresh summer look to our home.   CIMG8785 A sneak peek of my new outdoor curtains! :)CIMG8786CIMG8788 CIMG8790 CIMG8791 And these…just because they are so pretty…CIMG8796 CIMG8798 CIMG8803 CIMG8809How do you decorate for the summer and our Patriotic holidays?