Fashionista Friday :: Accessories

Today is Fashionista Friday again and I will be sharing about some of my accessories along with what I have been wearing this week.  CIMG9105 Accessory: Purse

I love purses but am starting to find when you have a thousand things in your purse you need something good quality and sturdy to hold all that junk.  This is my most recent purse find from TJMaxx.  It embarrassingly is Jessica Simpson.  I had to put all my thoughts about her aside in order to find a cute, large, across the shoulder purse that I could use for having hands free for shopping or riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle. 

Dress: JC Penny w/ coupon

Earrings: Husband got them for me when we were dating.  I believe they still had the clearance tag on them.  See why I like him? ;)CIMG9106CIMG9123Accessory: Flower Clips

I must admit I feel like a little girl with these in, but I guess that’s the point.  Make your own, buy them cheap, I personally prefer The Pleated Poppy.  I also pin them on shirts and sweaters as well as clip it on a thin headband. CIMG9121Crocheted Shirt: thrift store

Skirt: thanks to the elastic band, this is one I have had since high school!CIMG9127Accessory: Pieces with Accessories Finding pieces with bold statements serve as their own accessories.  I love this floral accessorized shirt.  And it was probably half the price of buying a similar fabric flower necklace.  I also noticed that the flowers are a whole separate piece stitched to the shirt.  Finding some of these for cheap, I would love to make my own necklaces using the premade flowers right off the shirt!

Shorts: Ross

What are your favorite accessories?