Thoughts on Gardening

CIMG9042Taking care of plants is hard.  It is very time consuming and monotonous.  I do not like doing it.  But when you see the fruit of your labor, it is suddenly all worth it:CIMG9142I am assuming child birth is oddly similar…time will tell. 

What do you find rewarding to invest in?


  1. I haaaate dragging my watering can out and going back and forth from the back yard to the front yard to water my flowers (the hose is in the back)...but I do love seeing those blooms when we drive up the driveway. :)

  2. Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Gardening is not nearly as painful as childbirth! Gardening is pure, relaxing bliss!!!

  3. I think that gardening and *raising* children definitely have some parallels. They can both be rewarding, need careful tending and nurturing, get diseases, can be prize winning varieties, etc...

    Are you dropping a hint that childbirth will be happening sooner rather than later?

  4. Not having experienced childbirth (other than as an infant myself), I will agree with you naively that there are parallels... lots of work, and then lots of joy and pride when things turn out. Although if childbearing had as high a failure rate as gardening, I think most people would give up! Despite many hours per week of work in my little container garden, I've killed off a good number of plants (or they just weren't right for the climate), and have had to start over. Fortunately, starting a plant over is much easier than starting a baby over! :-)

  5. I find it rewarding to invest in a gardner & a nanny!
    Well kidding on the nanny, not the gardner.
    I loathe gardening
    I am trying to get one with nature for my son. He loves dirt & I want him to proud of his mommy.

  6. for me childbirth was not at all monotonous :)


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