Entertaining On A Whim :: Changing My Focus

DSC_0309I have been learning a lot lately as it pertains to my heart and home.  We recently had a small group of friends over for dinner and a movie, and I had a small revelation.  To be who I am…to open my heart and home to people who are uplifting and available…and to let everything else go.  DSC_0316We did not serve anything fancy…just breakfast for dinner.  Because I had a box of pancake mix…leftover muffins, tater tots, and potatoes in the freezer…and some fruit.  We had a tight grocery bill this week and I couldn’t rationalize spending more money.  Because our budget is a priority…but it shouldn’t stop us from inviting people into our home.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  And through this, I found freedom to be myself.  DSC_0324 Our friends had no more than a days notice, but they came.  They were available.  They want to spend time with us.  These are the types of friends I need in my life.  Friends who aren’t overly busy.  Friends who accept me as I am.  Friends who uplift.  DSC_0332No more disappointment.  No more impressing.  Just being.