Same House :: New Eyes

DSC_0152So I have been wanting a new camera for awhile.  And over the past few months I have been subtly hinting at it for my birthday.  We would bring up needing a new bed because we sleep on a futon and I would respond…I’d rather have a camera.  Lasik eye surgery?  No, I would rather have a camera.  Okay…so maybe subtle would not be the correct word but I find blunt works best with my husband…DSC_0143It is like I have a whole new set of eyes…and I didn’t even get Lasik!  Everything is clearer, sharper, brighter.  I might even argue we are increasing the value of our home…well, okay, maybe that one is a stretch… DSC_0144My hydrangeas have never looked better…DSC_0257Our garden is gorgeous…DSC_0302 It’s like someone went through the house and windexed all our picture frames…DSC_0313 All I can say is wow…DSC_0322 DSC_0324 Even dollar tree wedding plates shine…DSC_0340 I am a happy girl!