{Frugal} Baby Shower Invitations

I am throwing a baby shower in a few weeks and put together these invitations for it.  Now I must say I am not a big paper person…I prefer to spend my money and attention on decorations and food for parties so putting together a cute invite with minimal work was a bit tricky (I’m an evite girl all the way).  DSC_0356Fortunately I had my eye out early and found some print your own wedding invites on clearance at Wal-Mart for $5.  I also found some gingham boy colored bow stickers also on the clearance aisle for $3.  I was excited!  Easy and a great price!  $8 for twenty five invites and envelopes and I only used half of the wedding response cards and had fifty larger invites and envelopes to be saved for something else. DSC_0359A few days later I got another shower invite in the mail…and it was adorable…one of those order and print online companies.  They seem to be the “thing” now for shower invites.  I felt discouraged and self-conscious that my clearance invites would not be classy enough.  I even looked online a bit to compare prices.  Yet the ugly invitations were still around $1 each.  I don’t know about you but I have a hard time spending that much money on paper that is going to get thrown away.  DSC_0358I groaned about it to my husband and he kindly reminded me of a conversation we recently had on money priorities…we cut back on areas we can, choose to be responsible with what we have, and do what we need to do without letting other people’s judgments keep us from living a frugal lifestyle.  DSC_0351Needless to say, they came out adorable and far from lacking class.  It was just a reminder I needed to have…to let go of people pleasing and trust my very fashionable and still frugal gut.  I mean really, did you see my wedding?  Hello Dollar Tree centerpieces!

Where do you tend to cut back on things financially?  And what do you splurge on?