Cleaning Out My Craft Room {And My Life}

The Nester wrote a great post recently on thrifting.  But from the angle of being tempted to buy too much just because it is a good deal.  This really hit home for me as I am all about the deal.  But as our home is finally feeling like our home, I need less.  The past six months has been really good in getting rid of excess nick knacks, serving and kitchen items.  Our living space feels less cluttered and everything seems more open and clean. 
Except my craft room. 
Some how it has become the catch all room of stuff {and unfortunately we have two of these rooms as my husband has his own office as well}.  It gets so cluttered with excess stuff that the room cannot even serve it’s purpose.  Clothes that need to be hemmed get stacked as my sewing table never seems to be clear.  Projects are left unfinished. 
I have come to the realization that when I have too much, it keeps me from using any it.  It is really hard to give up so many materials and supplies as I love to do projects and do not want to go out to buy things if I can already have them on hand.  But it has gotten to the point where that excess stuff is saving me nothing.  It is actually crowding my life instead. 
So over the last few weeks, I have been slowly going through everything trying to part ways.  I am going to be honest—it is hard.  It is hard to be frugal and not hold on to things I might need later.  It is hard to accept that I spent money on these things only to get wasted.  But by holding on to it I only continue to feed the need for more. 
I try to remind myself that my creativity has changed.  I do not paper scrapbook anymore.  I do not craft like I used to.  My creativity has poured into my home, into my kitchen, onto my blog, and through a camera lens.  And I need to make room for those creative outlets to flourish. 
Do you struggle with letting go of “stuff”?
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