Cleaning Out My Craft Room {And My Life}

The Nester wrote a great post recently on thrifting.  But from the angle of being tempted to buy too much just because it is a good deal.  This really hit home for me as I am all about the deal.  But as our home is finally feeling like our home, I need less.  The past six months has been really good in getting rid of excess nick knacks, serving and kitchen items.  Our living space feels less cluttered and everything seems more open and clean. 
Except my craft room. 
Some how it has become the catch all room of stuff {and unfortunately we have two of these rooms as my husband has his own office as well}.  It gets so cluttered with excess stuff that the room cannot even serve it’s purpose.  Clothes that need to be hemmed get stacked as my sewing table never seems to be clear.  Projects are left unfinished. 
I have come to the realization that when I have too much, it keeps me from using any it.  It is really hard to give up so many materials and supplies as I love to do projects and do not want to go out to buy things if I can already have them on hand.  But it has gotten to the point where that excess stuff is saving me nothing.  It is actually crowding my life instead. 
So over the last few weeks, I have been slowly going through everything trying to part ways.  I am going to be honest—it is hard.  It is hard to be frugal and not hold on to things I might need later.  It is hard to accept that I spent money on these things only to get wasted.  But by holding on to it I only continue to feed the need for more. 
I try to remind myself that my creativity has changed.  I do not paper scrapbook anymore.  I do not craft like I used to.  My creativity has poured into my home, into my kitchen, onto my blog, and through a camera lens.  And I need to make room for those creative outlets to flourish. 
Do you struggle with letting go of “stuff”?
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  1. I used to struggle with stuff, but I'm trying to learn to either "use it or lose it." Having that philosophy helps. Also, if I ever have a hard time with parting with things I just watch and episode of Hoarders. That always is GREAT motivation!

  2. I's tough to be both frugal and keeping things at a minimum. I have several things I keep because I'd like to use them, and can use them, but just haven't used them in years. Determining at what point it's wasteful to keep something is a hard thing to do.

    Did you finish clearing things out, or are you still working on it? How is it going?

  3. Over the past few years I have gotten better at letting go of "sunk costs." Now I really value the space and feeling of freedom more than the stuff I kept holding on to. But it is definitely still hard sometimes!

    Can you sell some of your crafting materials in lots on craigslist or ebay? Maybe that would make you feel better about cleaning it out.

  4. I admire you for being able to let go. That is always the hardest part. Of course from a survival perspective, we are all a bit driven to be hoarders, because before our modern lives got so cushy, we didn't necessarily know when we'd come across food/shelter/whathaveyou again. So we're fighting something really primal when we let stuff go! Congrats for finding that strength. :-)

    (I aspire to have a big period of spring cleaning as soon as our kitchen is done, but we're not quite there yet.)

  5. I love the part where you talk about not being able to use your space or what you have b/c you have too much of it! My problem has been too much stuff and no place to use it Hoping to solve that soon---oldest moved in to a room with her little sister, so I'm hoping to turn her old room into a guest room/craft space. :)

    GREAT, honest post, Ashley!

  6. Same here soul sister! I had a scrapbook room that got compacted into a Scrapbook closet and it was such a hassle to pull anything out I ended up not doing anything. Finally I packed bags upon bags of craft stuff and donated to the bubbas former daycare. It felt so good because not only was I clearing our life but giving it to little hands that would put it to good use. I still have to make one HANDMADE scrapbook for him but like you, I may move to a more digital outlet

  7. Yes I do struggle a bit. I have some things that we have moved with us 3 times and these things do not work in my home but I continue to keep them thinking I will make them work. Totally can relate.

  8. Every time I go to the craft store I make myself think of all the stuff I haven't used yet, sitting there, piling up. I am saving things, however, that I don't think I will really use..just LET it go hoarder within..haha

  9. Oh! That fabric is to die for!!... and those feathers! still my beating heart :)
    But you're right... it does mount up and get in the way after a while.

    I have this problem with craft paper. I can't tell you the amount of times I have bought new paper for a project, only to discover I already had THE EXACT SAME PAPER hidden under the piles of stuff I already own. Oops! Need to do the same thing myself.

    Good luck with the clear out.

  10. The best part of the clean up is sitting down and feeling the space 'light' and clean. I am the closest thing to being a hoarder with out being officially one :) In an attempt to clean up my house (and my life) I cleaned up my closet and realized I had new clothes that didn't eve know they were there.... the result: I opened an online store with all this new things that I found and that could even keep count of.
    It is hard to let go but the feeling is great, but the habit never goes .... as I am writing here I am tempted to ask "so where are you disposing all those feathers, the fabric and, ohh I see some beautiful flowers some where there?" but NO I will be good and not eve think about that.

  11. It's hard but sometimes you just have to close your eyes and throw it in the Goodwill bag! My mom has SO MUCH STUFF she is buried in it. It's crazy. I think that helps my motivation to get rid of "stuff" so I don't get weighed down.

  12. This has been an ongoing process for me the past few seems it's never enough--of letting go or keeping/having. Double edged sword.

    Maybe I'll get {back} to it this weekend....

  13. I know the general consensus is that your craft room is a wreck, and that you need to get rid of most of it, but I kind of like it....these pictures prove that you are creative. As if you blog/pictures hadn't already. :)

  14. I am right there with you. I tried to explain this to my daughter recently. It started when I was teaching and always looking for good deals for school supplies. When I retired in June, I had loads of stuff I donated to my team. Now it's the same thing with craft materials. I'm slowly giving that stuff away, too. I know it will be easier to use what is left.


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