Mac And Cheese :: Deceptively Delicious

I shared last week that I started cooking through Deceptively Delicious.  This week’s recipe was mac and cheese…and in my case a dairy free version.
Whole wheat macaroni…
The secret in this recipe :: pureed beans mixed in the {almond} milk and {soy} cheese.  I used my Magic Bullet to puree…wasn’t enough to pull out the food processor for.  I recently got over the Magic Bullet fad until I started making my daily morning protein shakes in them.  One less container to clean…I just drink right out of it with a straw.  Realizing it was worth it after all.
I used a soy cheese mix…the recipe called for cheddar.  If Whole Foods was closer I would have made the drive to pick some up{cheddar soy} but this Trader Joe’s brand was good enough.  I think the cheddar could have been a better choice.  I like to measure things out on my kitchen scale.  Great for portion sizes and not having to use measuring cups all the time. 
All the seasonings…
I added chicken and broccoli to make the meal a little more substantial.  And a little olive oil and minced garlic.  It was pretty good for soy.  But soy cheese mac and cheese will never be the same.  I am guessing the real cheese version would be better. 
***Edited to add :: the next day it is amazing!  The cheese marinates into the noodles.  Yum!
Homemade mac and cheese or the blue box?
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  1. I like it homemade, but my oldest will only eat the Velveeta kind. :s Thankfully, I serve hers with fruit and veggies, but it's still Velveeta. I cheat and don't empty the whole "cheese" packet into the pot. I think yours looks much yummier!!

  2. I've been on the lookout for a good homemade macaroni recipe. I tried one from food network recently (I think it was a Paula Deen recipe?) but it wasn't that great. And it was a bit of work too! I know how to make it without a recipe but I'm really after a baked kind.

    Could you taste the cauliflower in yours? My husband is super picky - I'm not sure if I can fool him! ;)

  3. It's only 9am here but girl, I could use a bowl of that mac and cheese!! ;-)

    Happy Wednesday Dear! xo

    Oh, and pop by today for my perfume GIVEAWAY!

  4. I picked up the cookbook and decided to join you! This morning I made the Oatmeal with Pumpkin puree. Pretty tasty and my baby loved it! :)

  5. that looks hummy and yay for making it tailored to your needs! awesome!

  6. ok, I had never eaten Mac & cheese until I married the hubs...seriously. Now I make it for the little one- the velveta kind, but I want to try to make this one

  7. wow, i made mac & cheese tonight too! good that you can make the substitutions, very interesting about the white beans. and thanks for your patience, i'm mailing out your prize tomorrow!

  8. This looks like the perfect dish for these cold winter days, so comforting!

  9. I love Mac and Cheese and this looks so very delish! Thanks for sharing! I think I'm gonna try it real soon!

  10. I love Deceptively Delicious! I just got her second cookbook for Christmas and I'm stoked to try some of the recipes once I've got this whole 2 kids thing down. I am also a fan of homemade mac and cheese, although I still use the velveeta cheese block to make it so maybe that's only semi-homemade :)

  11. mmmMMMm sounds delish, if only we had a Wholefood's in Australia :( the only soy cheese I can get is from a deli and is rather like rubber!


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