Happy Valentine’s Day :: Last Minute Holiday Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Some simple last minute ideas to make your day festive but not overly stressful…
-Bake something in a heart shaped pan: corn bread, brownies, giant cookie…and it can be out of a box {wink}.  Dollop some ice cream on top.  Unless it is cornbread.  Your call.
-Cut something with a heart shaped cookie cutter: rice krispy treats, biscuits, mini pizzas, jell-o, pineapple…cheese…cut the cheese…just kidding.  Seeing if you were paying attention…
-Valentine’s Day colored sprinkles
-Scatter conversation hearts on the dinner table for all to trade and eat
-Pin paper hearts on your shirt {very Julie & Julia}
-Tell someone you love them

*I collect holiday baking dishes from the thrift store, after holiday clearance, Ross/Marshall’s/TJ Maxx.  The top photo is a Crate and Barrel pan picked up at a thrift store.  Pretty proud about that one…If you live in the Sacramento area you might just find me at your local Target tomorrow.  I will be the one running into you with my cart with heart shaped chocolates getting shoved down my throat.  If you see me, please say hello…

What are your last minute Valentine’s Day tips?
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