Furnishing Our Home on a Dime

I have been asked many times how we have such a full furnished home for being newlyweds.  By being frugal, we have been able to fill up our home with items that have been “found” over time.  Whether at a yard sale, hand me down from family, or picked up off the side of the road, with a few buckets of white paint, we have created a beautiful home on a dime.
I am a believer in collections.  By collecting many of the same thing {in my case frames and mirrors} you can make an art piece without breaking the bank.
The number one way to tie mismatched items together?  Paint.
After picking up my first free side of the road desk, I let go of all fear of being seen trying to cram a large piece of furniture into a small car.  The outcome was well worth the battle.
Picking up items off the side of the road was an issue between my husband and I early on.  He didn’t see the potential I did.  But it did not take long for him to be won over.  When he saw what I was able to do with a little bit of paint and an item with great lines and design, he was sold.  He now actually will find things for me!  I have trained him well!
I have learned to also think outside of the box.  For example, hanging on the wall are some old cabinet doors framed with a large frame.  The white paint pulls it all together and adds a great architectural element to our plain walls.
And once people catch on that you love free old stuff they will start sending it your way.  Our most amazing free gift?  Our couch and love seat set. 
Buy saving on big ticket items like couches and our dining room table, we have more money to collect accessories that give our home character and charm {as well as make the house feel “full”}.
There is also something very rewarding about knowing that my time and money was well invested into each of these pieces.  I have much more of an emotional connection as I have fallen in love with each piece from the first time I saw it, through the painting process, and to finally just enjoying it in our home. 
And like any other aspect of design, trends change.  By not investing into high priced items, I have the freedom to change how our home looks over time.  Plus my husband is more supportive of my home decorating hobby because it doesn’t have to make a dent in our newlywed tight budget!
We are very proud of our home…and ultimately can enjoy living in it…without going in debt. 
How do you save money furnishing your home?


  1. Great post! I love the way you labeled the photos pointing out where the items were acquired. You have great style and it takes talent to see an item and be able to have a vision of it beyond the surface. You made a great point about being able to continue to change and do what you love, much easier to replace something that you didn't pay a lot for when you become tired of it. I enjoyed this, thanks ~ Jacque

  2. All great items found for great prices or free and your home is beautiful!!!

  3. I love what you have done with your home! I would love to live there :)

  4. Thanks for all the inspiration! I love it all! I noticed the guitars. My son just got his first Gibson and he is on Cloud 9! I love having music in the house!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Great stuff! I have been doing some Craigslist purchases lately and have saved a ton!

  6. I love this post! So very inspiring! (And I always love seeing the great deals people are getting). Thanks for sharing!

  7. good looking free items! ---


  8. Wonderfully inspiring post! Your home is just lovely!! One of my favorite finds was our family room reading lamp, found with a FREE sign by the side of the road... Donna

  9. This is such an inspirational post! You have found some great items and made them even lovelier in your home!

  10. how long did it take for your home to look like this? Im having a hard time being patient with the ultimate result at my place.


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