Fish Tacos :: Just Ingredients Recipe

I love to cook and try new recipes but like so many areas of life, I like to do things quickly without a lot of reading {wink}!  When it comes to cooking, I often throw things together, tasting as I go, making the same thing often, but it always turns out just a little differently.  I will also take food that I love, whether at a restaurant or from the store, read the ingredients and try to mimic it at home. 
An example of this throw everything together recipe is fish tacos.  We are not big fish people, so I am trying to be more creative at incorporating it into our diet.  I figured anything breaded was pretty safe!  My little experience with fish tacos is at the restaurant Rubio’s and I remembered that they serve theirs with some sort of white creamy sauce.  In our refrigerator that either means ranch or Caesar dressing.  I went with ranch and it was perfect!  I also had just a small amount of salsa left so I added some leftover corn, black beans, and chopped tomatoes to make it more fresh.  This also helps save money by using up leftovers to make new meals that taste like new.
The fish tacos were a hit and are now being added to my favorite meal staples!
Ingredients for Fish Tacos:
-Salsa {add leftover produce}
-Ranch dressing
* * * * *
I plan to share more “just ingredient recipes” with you so that we can learn from each other with quick and easy recipes!
Do you have your own “just ingredient” recipes?