An Organized Hall Closet


My goal this summer is to get our home organized, pretty, and easily accessible {like the kitchen}.  I do not want to dig through cabinets and closets anymore.  I want to only keep things we need, use, and enjoy on a regular basis…and to have it in a place easy to find and grab. 


Our hall closet was looking a lot like what most hall closets look like…blankets, towels, toilet paper, and plastic cutlery…all piled on top of each other.


I used larger baskets and storage containers to collect all like items into one bin so that I could pull everything out at once and would no longer have to dig in the back.  I labeled each mini chalkboard label {from my friend Jacque but you can find them at the craft store} with a verb that explained the type of items in the basket {seemed cuter and easier to fit just one word}.  Shower has extra soap and toilet paper, sleep has sheets, eat has paper plates and plastic cutlery, clean has cleaning supplies, and cook has dish towels.  I also organized other random household items like air freshener, towels to take to the gym, and handkerchiefs {I collect vintage hankies to use on my always running nose} in smaller baskets and buckets.  I also hung an over the door hook on the inside to hang an outdoor blanket and other small hangable items that fit when the door closes.

My next goal is to paint over the lovely plaid contact paper.  But until then I am very much content with my hall closet.  Free of clutter and pretty on the eye.  And plus, it is quite amazing how much MORE stuff you can fit into closets and cabinets when organized and unnecessary items no longer exist…win win.

How do you organize your closets and cabinets?


  1. Oh no, I love the retro-ness of the contact paper! At first I thought it was part of the re-design.

  2. I Love it. I'm constantly organizing ours, apparently the guys in my life think is ok to pull one towel out and just put the rest back made in to a ball. I have to try the baskets, I did that for my scrapbooks but I'm thinking of re-evaluated that since I barely use those supplies now.

  3. you're just too good.

    I did something like this for my bathroom cabinets and I love it. Because we just moved, my hall closet is still in good shape but I should be keeping an eye on it. It might attack any time! :P

  4. wow, so neat

  5. N.I.C.E. Aaa, so when are you coming over to fix my messy closet? ;-)

  6. Great use for the little chalkboards. It all looks so nice! I did my laundry/storage closet a few years back... I was inspired by Martha Stewart at the time. The organization really saved me a lot of time and kept me from accumulating too many things I didn't use. I love the ideas you share with your readers, helpful & fun!
    Now I need to go buy more of those chalkboards, Ha! just kidding ~ Jacque

  7. thanX for the inspiration!

  8. oh wow good job. Who would have ever thought that a hallway closet can look so good! lol

    I love how you've labeled them all so you know what your pulling out rather than having one and dumping it all in there!

    good call! :)


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