CD Organization

A year and a half of marriage.
$60 for two giant CD binders.
Two main genres.
Alphabetical order.
Cases gone.
2 days later.
Thank goodness we buy music online now.
It was a long and tedious task, but our CD’s are finally one, take up less space, and I can cross it off my summer organizing to-do list.
How do you organize your media?


  1. I like keeping the cases, so I buy the CD storage boxes from Ikea ($4.99 for 2) that way they look nice and neat and the little guy wont dump them all over the floor.

  2. I did that awhile back. I'm tempted to do it with our DVD's too. If only I didn't still have so many VHS's I could have a whole empty cabinet ;)

  3. I did this w/ our CDs & DVDs awhile back. And a recycling tip: I offered ALL the cases on craigslist for free & someone actually took them! I made a couple journals/sketchbooks out of the DVD cases. FYI And I know there are crafty scrapbook style ideas for the CD someone might be interested. ;-)

  4. You're not gonna like what I did with my collection. gave them all away and got MP3s. But I think something you may like that I use for my books, blurays, dvds is Delicious Library on my Mac. The cool thing is I have a scanner (like the retailers that scan the tag of your clothes) that scans the barcode on the item you have and it looks it up in amazon(or you can pick couple other sites) and it will add it to your library and organize by book and movies. The really awesome part is that you can lend something and make a note of it and set a reminder a week down the road for it to say *beep beep* "Sara had borrowed you copy of The Reader last week"

    Sorry I kind of went on here but I just think you may really enjoy the program :)

  5. Oh girl! I so need to do this my cd's are taking up so much space.
    I need to upload them to the computer, but need to learn how! lol!

  6. I starting doing this back in college 10 years ago. But I didn't have the heart to throw away the cases... they are now up in the attic in now my CD's may be worth money down the road since i'll have the original packing! that's why I didn't throw them away. :o) You always hear those stories about albums being worth a lot because people didn't keep them.


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