Cookie Snob :: Running an Imperfect Home

One might say that I am kind of a cookie snob.  I refuse to buy store bought cookies {oreos are a small exception} for multiple reasons…they don’t taste as good as homemade to me, it costs more, and I like to control what I am putting in them.  I have nothing against other people buying and eating store bought cookies, it just isn’t for me. 
My husband was having one of those days where chocolate chip cookies seemed the only solution.  I did not have time to cook a batch from scratch so I had to have a little talk with my cookie snob within me and put aside my agenda for the sake of my husband.  If I was going to go to the store, I would at least buy refrigerated cookies.  To my husband, it says I baked.  To me it says I allowed myself to come to a compromise. 
This reminds me of a quote I have written on one of my chalkboards at the moment:
House work done incorrectly still blesses the family.
Sometimes I have to put aside my ideas {or other’s ideas} of how to do things in life…specifically in our home.  Because sometimes my idea of perfection gets in the way of blessing our home.  Though I can strive for a clean, orderly, welcoming, perfect home…but in the end it will only come to disappoint.  By letting go I have allowed myself to see the people in the home as more important than the things in the home.