Crafty Accessories

crafty accesories
While cleaning out my craft room, I stumbled upon many half completed projects that have yet to be finished.  Instead of finding a place to stow it all away, I decided to stop and finish the projects so that I had a few less projects cluttering my work space. 
flower clips
I had a basket full of little fabric flowers and what not that were collected over time to make into various accessories.  This fabric flower and crepe paper “A” were made into pins by hot gluing a clip secured with a piece of felt.
gift bow headband
This vintage gift wrap bow I found at an antique store a long time ago and knew I wanted to wear it somehow.  I found a black headband I do not wear very much and hot glued the bow on.
yo yo necklace
I also had some yo-yo’s lying around that I wanted to make into a necklace:
1. Hot glue yo-yo’s to piece of felt.
2. Cut around glued felt.
3. Tie to a piece of ribbon.

So easy!  Not only do I have some new fun homemade accessories…I also have one less thing to put away!
What projects do you have lying around?


  1. I know what you mean... my craft room has several unfinished projects.. I needed some inspiration to get my butt going and finish up those "almost" finished crafts!! Thanks!!

  2. I love your yo yo necklace!! I just learned how to make fabric yo yos the other day :D Made myself a headband!

  3. I like the vintage rose bow! That is so cute made into a headband!

  4. Very cute, I adore the headband. It's adorable but chic.

  5. Cute! I've got lots of odd and ends like this from projects that I never finished...I need to dig them all out and make something cute!

  6. None of the projects I have are that've got great ideas. I am in LOVE with your yoyo fun and pretty!

  7. Of course your designs are sweet and your get it done attitude is even better, but what I noticed most was your hot glue drip catcher heart thingy. Call me easily impressed, I guess!

  8. My daughter is at "Fashion Camp" every day this week (@ the art studio where they take art lessons) & they are creating items like you have accessories etc....How FUN!

    I think they should make "Fashion Camp" for adults! Don't you? ;-)


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