August 2, 2011

Housework Done Incorrectly


It was one of those days.  I was distracted.  I got some work done around the house.  But at the end of the day, as I ran out of the house to meet a girlfriend to work out, I picked up most things but felt like I could have done so much more. 

When I got home I found a beautiful and sweet note from my husband about how thankful he was for me…how much he appreciated all that I did…and what a blessing it was to come home to an organized and clean home.

There is a level of self responsibility I need to have…that at the end of {most} days that I was purposeful with my day…but this sweet note was a reminder that the expectations I put on myself are not always going to be attainable.  Here I was thinking I didn’t do enough all the while blessing my husband with the appreciation of a wife at home. 

I was reminded of this little saying:

Housework done incorrectly still blesses the family.

May we bless our families…even in our imperfections.


  1. couldn't agree more!!! thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks for this! I work full-time and have a 2 year old. I sometimes dont have the time or the energy to scrub the house clean. But doing something is certainly better than doing nothing! - Ashley

  3. so true, I always aimed to high and feel like I should do more when in reality my family appreciates even the smallest gestures. I need to remember this when I need a breather :)

  4. This is such a great reminder! My husband came home from work yesterday and commented on how great the house looked and thanked me. I blew the compliment off saying all I did was pick up and put laundry away and that I didn't get to the vacuuming and bathrooms or dusting. I forget that just b/c I didn't go on a marathon cleaning spree it doesn't mean what I did do is not appreciated.

  5. Yes, great reminder indeed. I find I'm more hard on myself, and hubby is always appreciative of the littlest things. Sounds like we both got lucky in the sweet hubby department. :)

  6. I'm a new follower and I love the way you think! It is so true and something I often forget in my OCDness about my house.

  7. Just wait until you have kids and then the saying changes some days to "any housework done AT ALL still blesses the family" :) Some days as long as everyone is still alive and well, I count it as a success and other days I feel like I've truly earned my supermom/superwife badge. Good husbands know to appreciate the fact that you are invested enough in your "job" to care that things are done well, but also appreciate them even when in your mind they're not done as well as they could be.

  8. Yay! I've been feeling a little weird lately. You know I switched job to a 20 hour one but training was almost full time... I put exercise and cooking good meals over the house. I picked stuff here and there (like tonight) made the bed a couple of times and did some laundry. But I feel that there is always something to do...! Ugh!! When I actually start working 20 hours (which was supposed to happen as of tomorrow, but they gave me 6 hour days) I'll probably do a chart where I'll aim at one room a day, or one task. My husband suggested this. I think it might be possible. Like the room on Monday. Bathroom tues, etc even if it's a little of that room a day... It's hard, I'm with you.

  9. This reminder is PERFECT from start to finish.

    A comment from SJ ( really made this post even more special for me.

    Sometimes us hardworking housekeepers need this little pick-me-up to remind us that what we do is appreciated even if we can't do it all.

  10. Last week I was away for a conference, so my husband had to keep house and care for our one-year-old daughter by himself... I think he feels a little more appreciative now than before I left! :)

  11. Housework is an important part of normal life. It requires a lot of efforts and time, but at the end you have a clean and tidy place. :)


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