{diy} Birthday Badge

First off, thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.  I act like a little kid when it comes to my birthday, so I am looking forward to sharing all the details with you over the next few weeks.  To tie in with the backyard country party theme I decided to make myself a little birthday badge.  It seemed country horse-1st place badge-ish?

1. Start off with some crepe paper {all ruffled up} and a circle cut out of note paper {which I embellished with my sharpie and glitter glue}.  To ruffle up the crepe paper, there isn't a real technique or anything.  Just fold it until it makes a ruffle circle.

2. Next, glue on some pre-made ruffle or lace to the note paper.

3. Then glue that onto the crepe paper.

4. Take some ribbon and layer it on eachother.

5. Glue it onto a circle cut out of cardstock.  Glue underneath, on top, all over.  Then glue the crepe badge on top of it all.

6. Finish it off by gluing a pin onto the back.

And there you have it...every birthday girl deserves a birthday badge!


  1. LOVE this! My Abby will be 5 on Monday I think this will make her feel extra special! I know have a project this weekend!
    Thanks Ashley!

  2. hahaha, my birthday is coming up next month, I think I should totally wear one of these. Good for you for enjoying your day to the fullest

  3. So pretty. I saw some of these (of course not as cute) at Michael's and thought, I could make my own. But I had no clue where to start. Thanks for the creative post.

  4. LOVE this! and I'll definitely be making one for my girls :)

  5. Of course everyone knows the birthday girl (or boy) needs a birthday ribbon to announce her day! Yours is adorable!

  6. Oh my gosh that's super cute!! That would be so much fun to make for people's birthdays :)

  7. Very cute! I've seen some like that t a craft store, but yours is just as cute and much cheaper!

  8. Too cute! Hope you had a great celebration!

    My mom just had a birthday and I had fun making a paper bow from a magazine page (for the first time) while wrapping her gifts.

  9. that turned out so cute! One of my daughters will be 5, the beginning of Sept and I'm pretty sure she'd love to wear one - thanks for the idea!
    Happy Birthday and looking forward to seeing the rest of your party details ;)

  10. What a simple and yet pretty DIY piece. I'm sure little kids would love to wear this on their birthday as well! :)


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