Hiking Dress

A few weeks ago we met up with some wedding clients to talk photo stuff for their wedding in September.  Driving down the hill from the winery we passed a favorite rock climbing spot of my husband's so we decided to stop for an impromptu hike and dip in the water.  And yes, I hiked in my dress.  I will not let anything get in the way of a little adventure.  I hiked barefoot back up.  No big deal.

Gotta love an opportunity for a little spontaneity.  Reminds me how perfect we are for each other.

Dress: TJ Maxx // Hair Clip: DIY // Sunglasses: Ross // Belt: thrift // Bangles: JC Penny // Purse: Juicy Couture found at Marshall's // Hubby's Shirt: Target


  1. Check out those gams! All of those workouts show! Great work.

  2. Oh no--barefoot? Only @ home for me but no way no how in "nature"! lol

    That water looks so refreshing!
    We took a hike in the summer that led to a water fall.

    Cute dress! I just got some 'dresses' from Sports Authority to accommodate my bike riding to school. Yours is much cuter. ;-)


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