Love Story Wall :: Wedding Typography

One of my favorite walls in our home is our "love story" or "wedding" wall.  It is where I showcase favorite photos from our engagement, engagement photo session, and wedding.  Also included are framed words to the song my husband wrote for me when we got engaged.

Our sweet little wall got a new addition recently.  You know how much I love words, scrapbooky memory type things, and pretty much anything pertaining to when I saw on Facebook that my real life friend Emily started selling custom typography on her Etsy shop, Happy Hippos...I was all over it!

Here are some close ups:

I am so excited to share this with you all and support Emily's business because not only do I think she makes a great product but she is a wonderful person!  She is that girl who befriended me when I started attending a new youth group in high school.  She invited me to be in her cabin at camp and hung out with all me all week...while my introverted self probably didn't say a word! 

Please stop by Happy Hippos to view all of her customized typography!  She also makes baby announcement ones that are too cute for words!


  1. What a beautiful and meaningful way to fill a wall!

  2. What a beautiful and really creative wall idea!
    Love it all!
    Besides your new piece (that I LOVE) I really love the sticky note that you put in a frame. So special!

  3. Totally love this wall!!! You've always had such great photos of your love story!! You two are the sweetest thing!!

  4. beautiful and so sweet! we have a similar {but not nearly as beautifully executed!} wall in our home :)

  5. I love this! When we have our own home, I want a love wall!


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