Ruffled {gasp} Christmas Stockings

So I must first start off by saying, I am breaking my own rules of even bringing up said holiday this soon.  The thought simply stresses me out.  I would rather be dreaming of popsicles and sunsets.  But with my major craft room clear out, this was another unfinished project that needed to be finished. 

I found these blue striped stockings on clearance a couple of years ago on clearance at Marshall's for $3 each.  I fell in love with their skinny, long, whimsical look with a touch of shabby chic.  They were cute but not enough.

Last year I picked up the glittery initials at Walmart.  But they still were not quite right.  They needed ruffles.  Lacey ones...

I am just in love with these soon {but thankfully not too soon} to be filled stockings of sweet treats and love notes...

I like that they are similar but a little me freedom to add to the collection when our family grows...

And I love them so much that they have been hanging in my dining room for a couple of weeks now.  wink.

Have you started preparing for the holidays?

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  1. Oh I love them! Its never too early to plan, I do it mostly for Halloween since is my favorite Holiday. I forgot to say before that I love the new look of blog :)

  2. I love all things ruffles!

    Too cute!

    I have started buying gifts for the kids so it doesn't all hit us at once. ;)


  3. so pretty! and just in time- I'm already getting in holiday mode! :) with the addition of our newest little sprite I was going to have to get new stockings anyway!

  4. Ashley, those are beautiful! Love the ruffles and the sparkle. :)

  5. They are just adorable! I love ruffles and lace on anything :)

  6. Cute! I'm LOVING the glitter letters too. I may have to steal that idea for mine. :)

  7. why do you have to make everything so adorable, hm? why why why why?

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