At Home Barista :: Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Recipe

Something about the crisp cool weather of fall makes me need a warm drink to get through the day.  I am not a very big coffee or tea drinker but once the weather starts changing I start becoming a holiday warm drink addict. 

A couple of reasons why I do not get my daily fix of Starbucks is because it costs money and I do not like to drink my calories.  So in order to fulfill my holiday warm drink need, I decided to try making my own low calorie drink at home. 

Vanilla Chai Tea Latte:

1. Steep chai tea bag in hot water

2. Add 40 calorie Almond Breeze {lowest calorie milk alternative out there}

3. Add a few pumps of sugar free vanilla Torani syrup

4. I also added a little Splenda so it was extra sweet and delicious!

5. Mix it all up and add ingredients to taste for a delicious cool weather drink!

And in case you were wondering, this is what I was wearing...a cute apron I won over at Fab Brunette...I felt very barista-ish...

And what I had on under my apron...clearance Coke shirt from Target, Old Soul Studios spoon tag necklace, VS Pink Skirt, J Crew headband, Polka Dot Bungalow camera strap...

And just so you can get an idea of how much I-L O V E Torani syrups...we recently just picked up some new cherry, coconut, and pumpkin pie!  Yum...I put them in everything!  Smoothies, milkshakes, oatmeal, mocktails {like black cherry vanilla diet 7-up}, you name it!  We also have cool pumps like they do at the coffee shops {much easier than pouring}! 

I also store all my tea bags and hot cocoa packets in a little basket.  Whenever we have guests over it is super easy to just pull the basket out...already looks cute and welcomes guests to pick out their own drink.

Do you make your own drinks at home?