I am a bit behind in my outfit posts.  I believe I wore this in September...but because it is still pretty warm, could probably get away with still wearing it now.  All this to say I promise I have some photos wearing boots and sweaters but I have to get through the tank tops and skirts first.  Nonetheless, I really L O V E this outfit.

I am in love with this little backpack.  I have been searching for the perfect one for a few years now.  I saw one once on a girl that I loved.  Except it was Gucci.  I am not against a Gucci handbag but I couldn't rationalize buying a backpack bag.  My patience paid off...this baby was thrifted and perfect!

tank: hand me down // skirt: thrifted H&M // shoes: Target clearance $6 // backpack purse: thrift // flower pin: craft fair // necklace: thrifted gift // suspenders: thrift