Blog Updates {and how to not lose posts}

I made some changes and updates around here and thought I would fill you in on them...

 1. Updated the "About" page: no longer a novel...more of a snapshot of life as I know it right now and how that affects the blog.

2. Advertise and Giveaways: my stats are updated and in case you did not know I TAKE ADVERTISERS!  I am super nice to work with! {wink}

3. Photography: Here you will find a link to our photo blog but I also updated it including the camera gear we use and links to check it all out.  I get a lot of questions about what we use so this is my concise way of getting that info out there.

4. Products I Love: A new tab category I am quite excited about.  There are a handful of things that I just L O V E.  And then months go by and you are like, "what was that book called?"  All my favorite things are listed...books, cookbooks, and that much loved chalkboard paper.  All there for easier access for you all.  You are welcome!  And a small disclaimer...they do include affiliate links meaning if you choose to buy one of those things off of Amazon I get a small cut.  No pressure to buy...but usually when I buy things I have found online my first stop is Amazon anyways.  I figure I am saving you a step!

5. Bigger pictures again: I loved my whole three column look for awhile but I missed the giant photos too much.  I hope you are enjoying them as well.  Like everything else, every few months, I have to change things up here on the blog.  But I am always trying to make it more user friendly so you can find something you read in the past or can find a certain category easier.  I love organization. :)

And one more thing...since this just happened I thought I would throw this in as well.  I have heard bloggers say they have "lost" posts before.  One way to keep this from your post...right before you publish it {even if that save now button is it again!}.  That way if it does not publish it is still saved.  So easy! 

There you have it!  Do you change your blog up?  Don't tell me you are too scared to change things!  It's fun!