"Simple" Entertaining :: Ice Cream Sundae Bar Birthday Party

In case you didn't get enough of backyard birthday party goodness...here is another one!

After a fun filled backyard entertaining summer...come fall I was pretty pooped.  We hosted a birthday party for my dad back in September...and I took a simpler route this time.  Still thoughtful but cutting some corners to keep my sanity.

A friend of mine {Hi Jaime!!!} got me this cute sundae server for my birthday.  It was the perfect centerpiece to a simple but tasty ice cream sundae bar.

Candy and treats from my pantry...some from the store...in case you thought this was on hand ALL the time...

Delicious dinner picked out by the birthday boy...I purposefully offered some of my easier cooking staples...

He asked for lasagna and nacho cheese fries...because I guess your birthday is a good time to ask for what you really want...I obliged as they both could sit in a crock pot all day.

Plus as long as the food tastes good...it is all about the company anyways...

He recognizes his Aunt Ashley by the camera lens...

And in case you were concerned we were having a birthday without a cake and candles...I got out of baking but we still had candles to blow out...

Everyone likes to pick out their own toppings anyway...why put anyone in a dessert restricted box...

At the end of the day, I think the birthday boy was pretty happy...

*A much more simple themed party...that still looks extravagant and fun...but saved me a lot of time in the kitchen.  I also find that the simpler you make things sometimes, the more comfortable people are in your home.  They are free to be themselves, not intimidated by all the fluff all the time.  Easier party for happier guests?  Sounds good to me!


  1. love this! what a cute idea!!
    i absolutely love that you pull the furniture outside! so cozy and fun!

  2. Such a fun idea! I'm all for cute and simple...definitely the less stressful route!

  3. Love it! Looks like a ton of fun :)

  4. I am all for cute and simple! Everything looks really cute. Your dad looks like a fun guy. :)

  5. You have such a gift. It's crazy hard to throw parties that have so many beautiful, personal touches, and not have them feel intimidating. And here's yet another example.

    So inspiring!

  6. This looks so fun! And how clever that you figured out how to throw a lovely party without stressing yourself out! Very nice!


  7. How did I missed this post? I love it! and that would be a perfect party for me.

  8. wow! these pictures are awesome!! looks like a fun birthday party! :)


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