How to Show Your Email Address When You Comment

So I realize to many of you this is not new information...but there are still some of know who you are!  I used to think that people just like to keep their email address private {I did too at one point} but then I was told by a certain friend that some people just do not know how to change it.  If that is you, well you are in luck!

Here is how you do it:
1. Open up your blogger dashboard
2. Click on "edit profile."  It is right next to your adorable profile picture.
3. Check the box that says "show my email address"

Sooo easy!  So here is my ten cents if you are weary about sharing your email.  If you do not want people to know your personal email address, set up a separate one just for your blog.  I log in with my gmail account but my blogging email is a yahoo account. 

Having your email public allows people to reply to your comments.  It drives me crazy when someone asks me a question in my comments and I cannot reply because their email address is hidden.  I have a life...or at least try to {gasp!} and if I have to click over your blog to answer your question {which I do sometimes...your very welcome!} chances are your question gets lost in the abyss called my email inbox and I answer your question two months later and you don't even know what I am talking about...let alone who I even am. 

Plus it also allows you to have coversation between all these fabulous friends you have over the internet.  You can get to know someone through leaving comments back and forth but there is nothing quite like having someone reply...and actually having an email conversation.  That is how relationships are built people {online anyways}!

So if you want to set up a separate email address you have to keep your log in email the same {there is no way of changing this, so don't even bother trying, you are locked in from the beginning. boooo!}.  Type in the email address you want your comments to go to in this box in your dashboard {which is right below the previous part I explained}:

Got it?  If you have questions, I will answer them in the comment section so everyone can read...because if you have a question, chances are I cannot reply to your email! it!  I want to be able to reply to your comments!  Thanks! xo

Do it yourself.  Don't pay anyone.