DIY Fabric Hair Bows

A few weeks ago I shared about a little gingerbread party I hosted for some girlfriends.  One of the girls showed up with the cutest fabric bow in her hair and I insisted we break out the fabric and make some of our own.  Thank you Jessica for teaching us your hair bow making ways!

-Some type of hair clip {or you can always bobby pin it into your hair}
-Hot glue

1. Cut rectangular piece of fabric.  The bigger the piece, the larger the bow.  
2. Hold over the top and bottom.
3. Fold again to tuck in non-sewn edge.
4 and 5. Fold over right and left side of fabric so they slightly overlap in the middle.
6 and 7. Hand stitch the two sides up the center.
8. Pull the thread so that the bow gets cinched in the center and wrap remaining thread around center and tie.
9. Cut a small piece of fabric for the bow's center.
10. Fold over the top and bottom so they overlap and hide frayed edge.
11. Wrap around bow.
12. Hot glue to bow.
13. Hot glue hair clip to back.

Felt bows have their own unique cuteness and because they have clean edges when cut, even easier!

-Two colors of felt
-Hot Glue
-Hair Clip

1. Cut out felt rectangles.  Make one color smaller than the other.
2. Sew a few stitches to gather bow in the center and pull.
3. Wrap remaining thread around bow and tie.  Repeat on the second piece of felt.
4. {Not shown} Cut a small piece of felt to wrap around both bows layered on top of each other and hot glue together.
5. Hot glue hair clip.

Bowtastic!  Look how cute our bows are!