Hosting a Clothing Swap

Last weekend I co-hosted a clothing swap at my house.  It was my first clothing swap and I was quite pleased with how fun it was and how much good stuff each girl got to take home with them.

The other host and I each invited a handful of friends which provided a variety of shapes, sizes, and well as making some new friends!

Each girl was asked to bring a bag of clothes they no longer wanted and a snack to share.

I set up the house boutique-ish which was super fun!  I already had a hanging rack that I picked up at Target a few months ago and used baskets to organize accessories.

When the first set of girls arrived, we chatted while everyone put out their items they brought.  After all the clothes were put out, we let everyone look around without taking anything yet.

After "window shopping" we picked numbers and let each girl take a turn picking one item.  With a small group of six girls this was especially fun as we each ooed and ahhed at what each girl tried on and eventually chose.  We continued this for a few rounds, picking numbers each time so that no one girl was stuck with picking last.

After a few rounds of picking one item we planned on having each girl pick more items each round but four girls ended up showing up late with bags and bags of more clothes!  We were overwhelmed by it all and eventually just went with a free for all!

I was really surprised how everyone, including myself, was so happy with what they took home that day.  Everyone got at least a few items that they loved which I considered a huge success!

Everyone was super friendly and played nice which made for a very enjoyable shopping experience.  I let any of the girls who wanted to leave their leftover clothes that were not picked to be donated by me later.  This allowed each girl to take home their new stuff...and no more old stuff getting in the way!

Have you ever attended a clothes swap?  I would love to hear about your experience!