I love it...but it doesn't work for me.

Sometimes I think I need to tattoo this reminder on my forehead.  This phrase can pertain to so many things in life that I often have to tell myself, “I love it…but it doesn’t work for me.”

Two areas I have been thinking this is with fashion and with home d├ęcor.

I have really been down about my body image lately and had some time to think about what it was all stemming from.  Over the past few months I have gained some weight…enough weight where I need to make some changes but not enough weight where my one pair of pants still zips up. 

To anyone else, no one notices.  But to me, it gets to me. 

I have become a real sucker for trends lately.  I follow a few fashion blogs and the whole 80’s boxy off the shoulder tops are still really in.  And man those tops are comfortable.

But they don’t look good on me. 

So I try to find a style of said trend to work for my body type when really I need to stick with what I know works for me.  It is okay to take risks but I am finding that I was trying to make something work that really wasn't working.

Between wearing things that do not compliment my body type and knowing I gained a couple pounds, it got me really down...you know that ugly dark place where we are alone with our negative I will never be content with my body place.

When in actuality if I was embracing what worked for my body, perhaps I would be less upset and more motivated to have a little more self discipline and be content in where I am at.

I love it…but it doesn’t work for me.

If this is you, I cannot say it enough…you need to read The Science of Sexy…it will change your life and how you dress.  This post was much inspired by recently rereading it.

I also feel this way as it pertains to my home decor...

As if blogging was not enough, this phenomenon called Pinterest makes me feel like my home looks like a piece of junk…when in reality it is actually very nice!

It is so easy to see photos of beautiful homes and crazy cool trends but when I try to implement it in my own home it doesn’t feel right.

I need a little character…a little whimsy…a little personality…a little me. 

And trying to look like everyone else’s house is not going to get me any closer to that goal.

I am trying to let these photos and homes be inspiration but not a guide book as to how my home should look. 

Again...I like it…but it doesn’t work for me.

There is something about embracing who you are…and living in your own skin that is so refreshing.  I love seeing an outfit or a home that reflects a person’s personality and tells their story.

Let’s be true to ourselves.  Because I might like something…but it doesn’t always work for me. 

Being myself works for me.

We each have our own journey and stories that have got us to where we are at today. Let's stop comparing ourselves to everyone and embrace our own uniqueness and gifts we have to offer the world.