What's In My Closet {Literally} :: 24 Outfits I Am Wearing

I even numbered them for your ability to comment freely. :)

I recently shared about doing what works for me...not falling prey to trends that don't accentuate my body type...or my home...and after all that jibber jabber...I was motivated to go through my closet again {even after just going through it for the clothing swap}.

The difference this time was that I tried on everything...EVERYTHING...except for the few things I already knew that I absolutely loved and had worn recently.  And I took pictures.  And I told myself, if it does not look great...fantastic...I feel wonderful in this...then it was going.  

And pictures don't lie.

This is a lot easier said than done...especially when there were about five things that I bought within the last few months new...including a $40 jacket that I made myself get rid of.  

It feels wasteful...it is wasteful...but I learned something that changed me.

In order to let go of having lots of clothes and wanting to shop all the time, I had to get rid of the things I was holding on to...that great deal...that new jacket...that sentimental top.  If I did not feel 100% great about myself in that clothing item, I was setting myself up for emotional insecurities that I no longer needed in my life. 

When I was finally able to accept all of this, something amazing happened.

I suddenly re-found all sorts of cute clothes that were being crowded by unflattering clearance dresses.  I could suddenly see what was in my closet.  

Hmmm...red, black, and navy much!

Even though I already knew it, I needed to realize again that I am most comfortable in certain colors and wearing certain styles...just like the book told me...and that I really don't like wearing pants so I should stop trying to wear them so much!

Since then, I have been to a couple of my favorite clothing and thrift stores and it is amazing how when you declutter and let go of this need for more stuff how freeing it can be.  I didn't want any of the things that I saw...and I even tried things on.

And suddenly thrifting and shopping lost some of it's excitement...in a very good let's not waste money sort of way.  

I am content with what I have.  And I feel great about it.