Awaiting My Husband's Homecoming

We have two large windows that face the front of our house--one in the kitchen and one in our living room.  Today as I was tidying up and it came to around the hour my husband could possibly come home from work, I found myself constantly looking out the window to see if he had driven up in his big red jeep yet.

We recently sold one of our cars and so now my husband is driving his jeep again, which is much louder and can be heard from down the street.  Now that he is driving it again, I am reminded that my ear has been trained to it's presence.

It takes me back to when we were dating and when I still lived with my parents.  I remember I would wait in anticipation to hear that jeep drive up to our driveway.  Sometimes I was waiting knowing he would be arriving soon and sometimes it was a surprise.

Who knew that a car...and a sound...could capture my heart.

I have been more distracted lately and have not awaited his homecoming as much as I used to.  I remember I always was looking out the window when we first got married...but slowly life has crept in and my attention is spent elsewhere.

Looking out the window and awaiting that familiar jeep sound reminded me of that longing I have for my beloved.  That when I am less consumed with those little distractions, my heart is allowed to long for it's true passion.

It reminded me of an old article I read before I got married that really tugged on my heart to be at home and to look forward to the season of focusing on a home and my husband.  I realized tonight that I am still in that season and I need to be embracing it and not wasting it.
There was a one-month period of time when Steve was working full time while I looked for a job. It was a sweet season of having time to pray, time to clean, time to walk and meet neighbors. I spent each afternoon preparing for his homecoming. I cooked gourmet meals. I ran errands during the day so we had evenings and weekends to be together and explore our new city. It felt idyllic. I had time to miss him during the day. I was eager to hear about his work when he got home.
This is what I want and who I want to be.

May I be a wife that anticipates the homecoming of her husband.