Spring Wreath

I have a new spring wreath and it makes me smile every time I drive up to our house.  After my fall wreath and my Christmas wreath, I have decided I only want huge voluptuous wreaths on my door from now on.  They make such a big statement.  Plus I couldn't find my old spring wreath...for the life of me.  A good excuse to get a new one!

I found this wreath over at Laughing with Angels and I very quickly fell in love.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I was super duper excited to make my own version.  Pretty darn close, don't you think?!

I asked my mom, the flower lady, to help me out.  She found this big green wreath {with purple lavender included} at Sam's Club.   She picked up some pink and white flowers from her flower shop and from Michael's. 

It was a joint project.  She put the flowers in...I stood behind her, breathing down her neck, telling her when to move, adjust, add, or take out...so I do believe I am allowed to take creative credit...even though she did all the work!

I did cut and tie the burlap bow all by myself though...it finishes off the wreath quite well...

Stunning, right?  I LOVE it!!!  Thanks mom!!! 

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