Spring Decor...or should I say, house full of bunnies

I put out a few little things for spring recently...as I continue to learn to live with less, I am finding as I go through my holiday decor boxes, I am using less and less.  I love the bunny garland and glowing egg lights {no, egg lights are not beneath me!}.  They add lots of festivity to the house without lots of extra clutter.  I also made a styrofoam egg strand using some eggs I bought a few years ago from the Dollar Tree.

Some other cute little bunnies are tucked away amongst my serving dishes...

I apparently have a thing for bunnies...I had a pet bunny growing up...most of these bunnies have been found at thrift stores or the Dollar Tree over the past few years.

A little egg tree and another bunny friend in the bathroom...

And a few more bunny friends hang out in our porch plants...

Happy Spring!  I am going to go eat a chocolate bunny now! ;)


  1. Love your Spring decor...so cute and spunky and light!

    Also, I saw on your bookshelf that you are/maybe reading Driscoll's book: Real Marriage.

    My husband and I just finished it...great book.

  2. Love all your spring decor!!
    I just love springy colors :)

    Your home makes me happy, it's always so beautiful!

  3. What fun! I love all the bunnies!!

  4. The egg-tree in your bathroom is to die for! Such pretty pastel colours! :D And the pot bunnies are adorable! :D

  5. Oh my gosh. I love it all! And I'm totally loving your blog.

    Ask the Duplex

  6. Oh, so precious! You always have the most whimsical holiday decorations!

  7. I adore your Spring decor!!! Love all those cute bunnies! And the garland with the little fabric bunnies is super cute!!

  8. So cute! Where's your vintage globe from? I've been looking for one for a long time!

    I LOVE how spring-ish it looks!

  9. Awe. How sweet. That is quite a collection. My mom used to love & collect bunny rabbit figurines year round, I bet she would have loved to see all yours. <3


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