Decorating with Plates

The last few weeks my husband has been working crazy hours at work.  This has resulted in very long evenings for me being by myself battling if I want to eat a bag of Doritos {my nemesis} in front of the TV or get a project done. 

I cannot say I was super successful most nights, but one very late but inspired evening, I finally put together a pretty floral plate wall.  

I found a few plate walls on Pinterest {check out my gallery wall board} that I wanted to try to replicate.  I loved the idea of plates with a design {besides just white}, clustered nice and tight, and in a non traditional setup. 

I love that they appear to be floating up the wall.  To put it in my sister in law's words, I took otherwise "traditional plates and made them into a modern work of art."  Love her. 

I have been really wanting, but struggling, with incorporating more color, still keeping things feminine and shabby chic, but with a more modern and earthy flare. 

I think this wall got it.

Luckily, I have been collecting pretty dishes over the past few years that I did not have to shop specifically for this wall.  All but two of these plates are now on the walls.

I used to only want vintage inspired china but found that even when thrifted they were kind of expensive.  Plus I didn't like hand washing them after parties. 

I kept a few of my favorites but am now sticking to new ceramic designs that can go in the dishwasher when they are not decorating the walls. 

Spring is a great time right to stock up on floral pieces.  Most of mine are from places like Marshall's, TJ-Maxx, and HomeGoods.

What I love the most about these plates is that I can fall in love with a design but only have to buy one plate.  I am always changing my mind and liking new things that this allows for a low risk investment.  Our everyday dishes are white, so these mixed plates are easy to incorporate.

I also think it is important to find dishes that work well together.  Event though they are mismatched they seem to belong together.  There are a lot of pretty plates out there but I stick to the colors I naturally gravitate towards which are aquas and pinks, as well as bright pastels.

What's on your walls these day?