Looking back...

Every once in awhile I go back and read the post I wrote for my wedding day...and the post sharing about the wedding day.  Each time I am moved...not by the pictures {though those move me very often as they are all over our house}, not by my words, not by our love {again moves me but...}.

Instead I am moved by your words.

It makes me smile to see familiar names and faces in the comment section.  I remember you all.  Many of you are still around {thank you!}...some come and go...and a few of you I miss as I know you have taken a break from blogging.  But nonetheless it takes me back to when I first started blogging...to when I first feel in love...and when I first started sharing my story online. 

There are days I want to just drop my blog...or days I get frustrated with comparisons...get overwhelmed by life...or something.

I know these are all only discouragments that keep me from continuing something I love.

And then I read your words...on the biggest day of my life.  And I am reminded how much you care.  How you anxiously followed along.

I scheduled a post with our engagement photos as well as heart felt overflowing words for my beloved on the day of our wedding.  And I remember waking up that morning and reading some of the comments before I started getting ready.

And the tears poured.

I remember being so moved...so encouraged...ready to start my day with a big hug from my blogging friends.

Because of all the things I could have done the day of my wedding...I wanted to check in with you all. 

Words matter.  Words speak to the heart.  

Though I love when you stop by to say you love the new gallery wall...or you want to know where I got that dress...or how long to leave that recipe in the crock pot...it is being known and being cared for that keeps me coming back to this blog.