Decorating With House Plants

sneak peek of my new plate wall!

If you read The Nester's blog, you are well aware she has been talking a lot about plants lately.  I am absolutely loving it!

I went a little crazy after reading one of her posts and raided my mom's flower shop for a whole bunch of free plants {the perks of a florist mother!}.   You can see the collection in the middle photo as well as a succulent {on the right} that I am trying to baby back to life with a canning jar.  Looks like a mini magic bullet!

Over the past few years I have started getting comfortable with growing things in our yard, but just this year I gave a few house plants a chance.

Today I am linking up over at The Nesting Place for a little planty link up party!  I could also call this a Nester tribute post as almost all of things I am going to share have been inspired by her lately.  Stalker, maybe?  ;)

Incorporating plants in my home has helped me bring in more green that I usually stray away from.  Plus I love that it brings a little life into our home.  And for those of you who ask where I hide my serving dishes, you can see one of our drink stands under the side table.  You barely notice when not at a photographic angle.

They add height and texture and a little bit of whimsy...

I loved that The Nester put paper decorations in her I had to party mine up as well!  She also got me hooked on finding a bust to put the plant in.  This guy was a score at HomeGoods.

Can you spot the dinosaur?  Growing up both my dad and brother would hide little things around the house for me or my mom to find.  I like that this adds a little playfulness to the home.  I think it is an introverted-attention-to-detail thing?

Plants help fill empty spaces...{another wall sneak peek}

More party in my plant...this little wedding couple we picked up on our honeymoon in Cancun.  "Till death do us part."

This little scene is in our bathroom.  I have a collection of bride and groom figurines so I added a couple to my plant.  Kind of a terrarium scene...minus the succulents.  They look pretty adorable there if you ask me!

And a little green in our bedroom adds a fresh pop of color.  I love how brightly the plant stands out amongst all the white.  Plus maybe it will help me with my summer allergies?


I remember growing up I loved looking at scenes.  Art work that showed people doing different things, those Christmas light up villages, and coasters I still have of people in scenes from Europe.  Perhaps it is because I like to people watch...but I think it is because I love a good story.  I am so curious about how people live, why they do what they do, and love to create a little story in my mind.  

One more little scene...looks like they are in a makes me smile!

Do you decorate with house plants?  Or create scenes?

Also linking up for a garden party over at Centsational Girl.


  1. I always want houseplants because in theory I love them but in reality? I am a plant killer. Instead of a houseplant we'd have a brown crunchy thing in a nice pot which if we're being honest isn't so appealing :)

  2. I am loving your unique containers! Your house is beautiful... loving your decor!

  3. I love the little bride and grooms!

  4. So lively and happy! I found you through Nester's linky and am a new follower. Love your style, so fresh ad happy. Haven't decorated my plants with paper yet but may have to try that.. so far I just use lots of feathers. LOL Nice to meet you! : )

  5. I'm not so good with plants. But I have one little dragon tree that I got at my 14th birthday and it is still alive (I'm 25 now) :)!
    great inspirational pictures and a really lovely blog!
    xx Nora

  6. We have lots of house plants! My favorites are from when my son was born (he's 5 now, we got a plant as a gift) and the one I brought home from my grandpa's funeral last year. We have many others though and they definitely brighten up the house. Your house is very crisp and clean. I love it.

  7. Gorgeous home! And the Nester was definitely right in saying that plants give a room life—they certainly do in yours!

  8. Hello, visiting from The Nester. I am totally crushing all over your bride and groom collection- where is a good place to find them!?!

  9. I have three houseplants. I'm TERRIBLE at remembering to water them. I'll be sitting on the couch and look over and notice that they're all droopy. Whoops! I do have little frog figurines in two of the three. I think I want to add the little bunting to mine too, at least one of them. I think that's so cute!

  10. So pretty!

    No, I don't decorate with plants. Plants seem to hate me. I can't seem to keep any alive!

  11. Oh my gosh i love your home!! :)

  12. Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via Skunkboy Creatures and am SO GLAD that I did! I'm your newest follower. xoxo

  13. Love love love! I really need to incorporate some more plants into my decorating! I completely agree that they add so much life and color. My only problem is keeping them alive!

  14. So glad you clicked over to my place from the Nester's, which led me back to you and all of your lovely plants and decor!

  15. What a great find this site has turned out to be – it is so exciting to find new interior design ideas to inspire me.

  16. Your house is absolutely adorable. You def have a gift of decorating and have an eye for putting things all together. I love your ideas and style! Keep it coming!

  17. Really fun! Also, I spied those three Robin Jones Gunn books in your last photo. I LOVE her books!! Should I add Spinelli to my reading list? I've never heard of that author. Kelly


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